What is your process to buy my home?

After you’ve filled out our contact form, an Emerson House Buyers team member will reach out to schedule a time to discuss the details of and view your property. At that point, we will make you a cash offer, and you’ll decide the closing date!

Are you Realtors?

Emerson House Buyers is a real estate investment company that buys and sells homes. While one of our team members is a licensed realtor, our primary focus is buying homes. We are prepared to walk you through the process step-by-step.

If listing your property is your best option, we will help connect you with our listing agent. We’re here to help!

In what condition does my house have to be?

Any! Condition, price range, location, and situation are not limiting factors! We work with sellers of all walks of life. Homes can be valued as low as $50,000. We will buy your house as-is. Repairs and/or cleaning are not necessary.

What do you mean: any “condition, price range, location, and situation”?

Your home may be condemned, in foreclosure, unmaintained, damaged due to fire, and about to fall down, and/or you may be behind on taxes or going through a divorce, and we’ll still buy it! No situation is too dire. We want to help you!

How much does this cost me?

Our service is free! We do not charge anything to discuss your situation, make an offer, or buy your house.

What if I’m in financial crisis--late on home payments or bankrupt?

Emerson House Buyers can help! We are real estate solutions professionals who handle all types of situations. Contact us for a free consultation today!

Want to sell your house fast?